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Successful Projects (*Key roles and tasks are as followings);

  • Status Tracking and Issue Management through all phases(including providing the various management tools and techniques)
  • Test Management
  • Reporting to management
  • Advisory for project owner
  • Additional Tools' development
  • Communication with HQ(oversea)
Project Title Outline Size(billion JPY)
Closing Accelaration (Financial Industry) The project goal was the accelaration of BS/PL reporting to comply the US goverment agency. To meet it, not only improving the business process but the frequencies of all interface processes between the legacy systems and the the ledger system were customized and improved. This realized that the accelaration of the decision making in the company's global strategy. 6
Accounting platform integration(Food & Beverage) The various acconting systems used by subsidiaries were integrated into 1 SAP system, as the group standard accounting platform. This improved the systems maintainability, mitigated the operational cost and especially made the M&A effort very easy. 7
IT infrastructure integration(Food & Beverage) By integrating and migrating the vaious "old-style" IT infrastrures and applications especially like legacy-based batch programs over many subsidiaries into the newest technologies like BIG data, ETL or the virtual platform, the group's IT strategy became very competitive in the industry. 8
ERP Integration(Trading) With the merger between 2 big companies, it was required to integrate very different 2 ERP systems into one SAP. After the prelimanry activities of building integrated item codes, the group SAP system realized much more efficient business processes and reduced IT cost pretty much. 6