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PREDU® provides tips,tools and other resources for everyone involved in Project Management.

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Following useful services are now available in this website.
  • PMO Club
    PMO Club is a membership club which provides the following services for people who seek to become the project management professionals;
    • Various project management tools like wbs, management reports etc.
    • elearning courses
  • PMO professionals procurement
  • Useful information and resources


The emerge of the brand-new information technology like AI,IoT or RPA has begun bringing the tremendous improvements of productivity and efficiency. By this trend, the 4th industrial revolution, the white-color human capital market will be rapidly shrinking and the only "creative business activity" will be remained as the field where human being can work and show its high performance.

In addition to invention, research or development, project management is the typical "human like" activity, and the key role that brings success of each project is project manager and PMO(Project Management Office) that support it.

How difficult to meet project goal equals to how large its size is. The important things to overcome it are good skills(methodology and tools), knowledges and experiences.

PREDU's mission is to provide those components, educate people to become professionals armed with those, and to propose them into the market.